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Antique Mall of Mansfield ~ ABOUT US

Ruth Brinkmann, owner

It's just a down home place

Wandering up and down the aisles of Antique Mall of Mansfield is like taking a trip back through time. While there, one may come across such gems from yesteryear such as dishes, furniture, musical instruments, tools, coins and so much more.

Antique Mall of Mansfield is the brainchild of Ruth Brinkmann, who has owned and managed the Main Street business since its inception in 1989.

"We sell stuff," Brinkmann said. "Stuff for the ordinary Joe; from inexpensive to expensive." You can see the passion in her eyes. "It's a disease with no vaccination. I love working with the dealers and helping them nurture their business." Antique Mall of Mansfield has 100 dealers; some have been there since Day One. "My wonderful dealers, Antique Mall of Mansfield wouldn't be what it is without them," she said.

Ruth claims she was not the collector in the family. Her late husband John was an avid collector of antique musical instruments as well as other items. John owned Waco Vintage Instruments in Mansfield, Texas. Ruth also operates the Arlington Guitar Show every October—the nation's largest guitar show of its kind.

While many businesses are battling a down economy, Antique Mall of Mansfield has shown tremendous success. Part of that success is due to the store wide weekend sales she hosts three times a year. "It's a way to say thank you to the customers who visit us day in and day out," Brinkmann said. Hundreds of people line up and down both sidewalks and into the parking lots waiting for the doors to open every April, August and December. And why not? Every dealer takes part in the sale adhering to the guidelines as they:

  • must have a sale
  • must bring food for at least 40 people
  • must work a minimum of two hours

Many of Antique Mall of Mansfield's customers come to the sales because of its party-like atmosphere and wind up taking home an item or two. Even a new generation of customers or getting into the antiques arena. "Kids nowadays are buying things their parents and grandparents used to own," Brinkmann said.

"If a customer has a dollar, my goal is to have something for him or her to buy and enjoy the experience. Because tomorrow he may come back with a hundred dollars," Brinkmann said.

Give 'em a try... and don't forget to bring a dollar to Antique Mall of Mansfield.

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